Welcome To The Fairy Tail Wiki! In this wiki, you can find your favorite characters and read about them to know more about them. Characters such as Natsu Dragoneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Grey Fullbuster, and even Erza Scarlet are all characters of Fairy Tail and they will be on this wiki. This wiki is still a WIP (Work In Progress) and this wiki started on 12/24/2019. It started on Christmas Eve! and the creator of this wiki is the user: BeerandWhiskee. If you need any help, there will be a help page sometime on this wiki soon. I hope you all will have a nice time on The Fairy Tail Wiki and tell your friends about it. We are working very, yes I mean VERY, hard to make a big community. I hope you enjoy what is on the wiki right now and have a good time! I will see you soon my friend.

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